Mobile Always

Forget mobile first. For us, it’s mobile always. Mobile is always present and we don’t take shortcuts.

Our focus will always be on mobile and we strive to make everything we do work on any device.

When it comes to web views, mobile has long surpassed desktop. But it’s not just about the volume. We believe that mobile can bring more engagement and more value to our partners than desktop ever could.

Mobile always


Innovation comes from taking something familiar and making something new. Tapping into the unrealized potential of already proven concepts. This is what we are about.

When it comes to innovative ideas, in the beginning there is no right or wrong. There is only potential. Only data and results can show us whether that potential is realized.



For us, being lean means easy-to-scale solutions, modular implementations and simply working smarter.

We value data and let it show us the direction. We want to remain young and quick. This is why we publish in small iterations often, so we can take full benefit of continuous improvement.

Good Luck Media

About us

Established in 2018 Good Luck Media is a new online marketing company based in Malta but has it’s roots in Finland.

In our logo you can find the looped square symbol (fi: “Hannunvaakuna”) which for us partly represents our heritage but as a symbol it is a place of interest, sign of good luck and protector from evil spirits. In Finnish tradition houses, boats and instruments were engraved with the symbol to bring protection.

We thrive from working with great partners and people. We deliver results, grow the company by our key operating values.

Good Luck Media

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CEO Risto Myllymäki
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CMO Toni Westerholm
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CTO Eric Cederberg
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